Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Original product of Japan. Bought at Giant supermarket, Taman Samudera. Quite costly. Not easy to find this type of aluminium bottle around the city. Only sold at certain shops especially those which sell imported Japanese products. The taller bottle contents is 400 ml while the other one is 300 ml.
Original product of Japan. I bought these 100 ml cans at Giant supermarket, Taman Samudera. Seldom found sold at any store in KL. This type of can is normally sold on airplanes. Lucky me... ( contents : 100 ml )
My comrade, Halim gave me this can few month back. He told me somebody brought two of it's kind from Indonesia as a small token for him, knowing well that he is a coca cola collector. Eventhough the can was not in good shape, I appreciated it so much. Thanks a lot Halim.

"Lihat hidup dalam warna-warni - hidup ala coca cola" ( contents: 250 ml )

These cans are similar of course. One was given to me by Halim and another one was bought on my own at a shopping store, somewhere in KL. These cans are original product of France. ( contents: 100 ml )

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